Body Contouring


The laser machine emits a light that is absorbed by the melanin (colour) in your hair follicle. The light generates heat that travels down to the follicle under the skin, inhibiting the hair’s ability to grow. This inactive hair follicle falls out, leaving your skin silky smooth. For maximum results we recommend a course of 6-10 treatments.

We tailor treatments to you! When you book in a complimentary consultation our therapists will assess your unwanted hair, skin type and create a treatment plan based on your priorities. Our Candela GentleYag Pro machines allows us to treat clients with darker skin types.


  • Safe and effective alternative to waxing and shaving
  • Quick treatments with little to no downtime
  • Precision – laser targets priority areas leaving surrounding skin undamaged
  • Silky smooth and hair free skin
  • Helps reduce ingrown hairs an irritation of the skin
  • Cost effective
  • Incredibly safe and pain-free, unlike waxing!
  • 85-99% permanent hair reduction in as little as 6 treatments
  • Certified and experienced staff
  • Medical grade laser technology for both light and dark skin colours
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • A mild sunburn-like reaction is normal

    It usually calms down within 2-12 hours but may last up to 2 days.

    • For immediate relief, cool under cold running water or apply icepacks to reduce heat in the skin.
    • Apply a cooling gel to keep your skin cool.
    • Avoid excessive sun exposure for at least 2 weeks.
    • Apply SPF 50+ daily to sun exposed areas between treatments.
    • If face is treated use only mineral based makeup for 48hrs after treatment.

    Your treated areas may be temperature sensitive

    • Wash areas with cold or tepid water.
    • Take luke-warm showers only.

Am I suitable for Laser Hair Removal?

The majority of people are suitable for Laser Hair Removal Treatments. Laser light is attracted to dark hair follicles and therefore the darker the hair follicle, the more likely it is to reduce unwanted hair. Treatment will not work on blonde, red or white hair. 

Can you have laser whilst you are pregnant or breastfeeding?
There is no conclusive evidence to determine whether laser is safe or unsafe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please seek advise from your doctor first.

Do I need a consultation?

Definitely! Everyone’s skin and hair is different that’s why it’s important our clinical therapists assess your hair during a consultation, and do worry it’s free! During your consultation, it’s also an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns, medications you are taking along with what to expect during the treatment and how to take care of your skin after.

How do I prepare for treatment?

Avoid tanning, spray tans or gradual tanning creams.

Shave the area the night before and avoid using deodorants and other skin products on the area on the day of your treatment.

Will the medication/antibiotics I’m taking effect the treatment?

It’s important you let your therapist know what medications you are currently taking. The use of Roaccutane and other types of medication that treat eczema, dermatitis and a number of other conditions may prevent treatment on that day. Please seek advice from your doctor first.


6-10 treatments required, 4-6 weeks apart.


5-60 minutes, depending on the size.


Redness or swelling subsides quick treatment.


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